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Attracting Investors:   Strategic, Fiscal and Commercial Perspectives in Mining, and the Oil and Gas Industries by Lyrna Esmeralda


Deepwater Sandakan Basin, Philippines: The Improving Seismic Image by Colin Murray


State of the Geology Program in the Philippines: A CHED-PRC 2010 Assessment by Rene Juna R. Claveria, Phd, Emmanuel V. Tamesis, Phd, Mario A. Aurelio, Phd,  Sevillo B. David Jr., Phd, Teresito C. Bacolcol, Phd


The EITI: Nurturing Investments in the Extractive Industries? by Benjamin S. Austria, PhD


Subsurface Characterization Using Gravity and Magnetic Field Data:  Implications for the Post-Emplacement History of the Zambales Ophiolite Complex, Philippines by Ricky C. Salapare, Carla B. Dimalanta, Decibel V. Faustino-Eslava, Karlo L. Queaño, Noelynna T. Ramos1, Pearlyn C. Manalo, Jenielyn T. Padrones,Edanjarlo J. Marquez and Graciano P. Yumul Jr.


Subsurface Configuration of Western Masbate Island, Philippines 
from Integrated Gravity and Magnetics Data Inversion
by Pearlyn C. Manalo, Carla B. Dimalanta, Noelynna T. Ramos, Decibel V. Faustino-Eslava, Karlo L. Queaño, Betchaida D. Payot  and Graciano P. Yumul, Jr.


Formation of the Pagasa Wedge from 3-D Seismics, Southwest Palawan: Indications of a Major Mid-NeogeneTectonic Event by Aurelio, M.A., Forbes, M.T., Taguibao, K.J.L., Bacud, J.A., Savella, R.B.


Thrust Faults and Thin-Skinned Tectonics: Evidence of a Widespread Decollement Under the Cordillera Mountain Ranges of Luzon, Philippines by Emmanuel G. Ramos & Arriane C. Tabanao


Ground Rupture of the February 06, 2012 Negros Earthquake by Rolly E. Rimando, R.B. Lim, R.J. Garduque and J.M. Rimando


Seismotectonics of the Magnitude 7.2 Bohol Earthquake of 15 October 2013 from Onshore, Earthquake and Offshore Data: A Key to Discovering Other Buried Active Thrust Faults? by Aurelio, M.A., Jeremy M.Rimando, Kristine Joy L. Taguibao., John Dale B. Dianala and Al Emil Berador


Geologic Impacts of the 15 October 2013 Mw 7.2 North Bohol Fault Earthquake, Bohol Island, Philippines by Teresito Bacolcol, etal.


The 15 October 2013 Mw7.2 Bohol Earthquake and Its Aftershock Sequence by Ishmael C. Narag


Engineering and Geological Lessons from the Bohol M7.2 Earthquake of October 15, 2013 An On-Site Study by
Dr. Arthur Saldivar-Sali, Phd, Msc, Fgs, Dic


Berong Nickel Laterite Complex: Nickel Provenance Using Sequential  Extraction Methods and SEM-EDX by Meryl Calibo, Carlo Arcilla, Ma. Luisa Tejada


Determination of Optimal Cut Off Grades in Reporting Nickel Laterite Resource by Ramon N. Santos, Rogel A. Santos, Ma. Brenda Mae C. Jumangit


Geochemical Behavior of REEs in Laterite of MacroAsia's Infanta Nickel Area,  Palawan, Philippines: A Preliminary Study by Kosei Noda, Kotaro Yonezu, Gabo Jillian,  Jaypee Juanerio, Edna Laguerta, Ramon Santos and Rogel Santos


Preliminary Study on PGE Associated with Laterite of MacroAsia's Infanta Nickel Area,  Palawan, Philippines by Kotaro Yonezu, Shuhei Hara, Kosei Noda, Jillian Gabo,  Jaypee Juanerio, Edna Laguerta, Ramon Santos and Rogel Santos


Tilting of the Balabag Epithermal Gold Vein System, Zamboanga Del Sur:  Arguments for a Regional Tectonic Event by Aurelio, M.A., Angeles Jr., C.A., Hernando, J.3 Elviña, J.C., Lasconia, J.J., Lobino, F. and the TVIRD Balabag Exploration Team


Geology and Mineralization of the Bananghilig Gold Deposit, 
Tambis Mineral District, Barobo, Surigao del Sur, Philippines
by F.A. Jimenez Jr., Hernulfo B. Ruelo, Ciceron A. Angeles Jr.,  Grace P. Galet, Marynelle D. Boticario, and Samuel F. Declaro


The National Geohazards Mapping and Assessment Program by Dr. Elmer B. Billedo


Formulation of a Risk Probability Rating System for Geohazard and Environmental Risk Assessment by Katherine Hipol-Gavile*, Allan Mandanas, Malvin Kenneth Manueli, Anthony Theodore Cubeta, Edna Patricia Mendoza


Revegetation of Philex Mines Tailings Pond Through Natural Tailings Reconditioning by Justine Perry T. Domingo and Carlos Primo C. David


The Engineering Geological Challenges of the ENK Acoje Nickel Mine Expansion Project, Zambales, Philippines by Graeme Jardine, Remika Gupana


Analysis and Design of Long Cable Bolts for Common Cut-Slope 
Instability Problems in Brittle Rock Open Pit Mines: The Sepon Copper Mine Experience
by Arnulfo B. Santiago


Remote Sensing in EDC for Geothermal Resource Exploration and Management by S. Farley M. Meneses III


Scouting for Permeable Structures in Geothermal Systems Using Soil Radon Gas Signatures by Jigo W. Mismanos and Atoz A. Vasquez


Joint Geophysical Imaging Using Microearthquakes and Magnetotelluric in Delineating Geothermal Resource by David M. Rigor, Jr., Carlos F. Los Banos and Randy J. Tugawin


Development of the Maibarara Geothermal Field, Philippines by Maria Victoria M. Olivar, Miguel B. Esberto, Lea Carmelia D. Fernandez


The Gastropod Genus Calyptraphorus (Strombidae: Mollusca): 
A Lazarus Taxon from the Pliocene of the Philippines
by Tomoki Kase and Yolanda, M. Aguilar


Notes on the Geologic Reconstruction of the Surigao Valley by Claro Jose C. Manipon, Rikki Pamela Pineda, Kristine Sobrepena, Katrina Delos Angeles and Jerry Gatinao


Petrography of Philippine Aggregates by Ma. Ines Rosana Balangue-Tarriela


Geology of Sabtang Island and Reconnaissance Geology of Batan, Itbayat and Ivuhos Islands Batanes Province, Philippines by J.D. Dianala, J.W. Carag, J.P. Domingo, R.N. Eco, C. Lit, T.M. Herrero, R. Leuterio, S.J. Probst, J. Rimando, P.L. Tolentino, A.M. Villareal, S. Catane, A.G. Fernando, A. Peleo-Alampay


Microfacies Analysis of Limestones from Batan, Sabtang, Itbayat and  Ivuhos Islands, Batanes Province, Philippines by John Warner M. Carag, Justine Perry T. Domingo,  Raymond G. Leuterio, Sandra G. Catane, Allan Gil S. Fernando,  Alyssa M. Peleo-Alampay


Post-Earthquake Subsidence Hazard of Karst in Southwestern Bohol: An Introduction by L.S.J. Manzano, A.R. Lucero, E.Y. Mula, K.L. Garas, A.C. Ondona, L.S.V. Leido, M. Luna, B.M. De Lara, .M.C.M. Canlas, C.F. Rivas, M.M.P. Lising, R.M. Avellana


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