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Code Title and Author
2004-01 Regaining Investor Confidence in the Philippine Petroleum Industry
Dr. Benjamin Austria
2004-02 Low Calc–Alkaline Signature of Calayan Lavas (Northern Luzon, Philippines)
Ronaldo R. Pendon
2004-03 Magnetotelluric (Mt) Resistivity Surveys in Various Geothermal Systems in Central Philippines
Domingo B. Layugan, David M. Rigor, Jr., NA Apuada, CF Los Baños and RER Olivar  
2004-04 Use of CFCs in Groundwater Investigations in Dumaguete City And Initial Application in Philippine Geothermal Fields
Jeffrey A. Caranto and L. Han 
2004-05 The Mt. Bulusan Story: From SAR Imagery to Isotope Geochemistry
Francisco G. Delfin Jr., Frank McDermott, Marc J. Defant, Simon Turner and Rene Maury 



Active Fault Mechanisms in the Central Philippines from Recent Earthquakes
Dr. Mario A. Aurelio, Jane T. Punongbayan and Teresito Bacolcol
2004-07 Pre–Seismic Deformation and Horizontal Displacements Associated with the 15 February 2003 Masbate Earthquake
Dr. Teresito Bacolcol
2004-08 Seismicity Along the Philippine Fault Zone – Masbate Segment and the Sibuyan Sea Fault: A Review
Dr. Jane Punongbayan


The Structural Analysis of Ancestral Mount Bao and its Implications to Geothermal Exploration in Northern Leyte, Philippines
Dr. AMFA Lagmay, AMP Tengonciang, HV Marcos, CS Pascua
2004-10 Strike–Slip Faults in the Cagayan Basin: Possible Splays of the Philippine Fault
Raymundo B. Savella
2004-11 Collision Complexities in Palawan-Mindoro-Panay: New Insights from GPS and Recent Earthquakes
Mario A. Aurelio and Corné Kreemer
2004-12 The Philippine Mineral Action Plan
Asst. Dir. Edwin G. Domingo
2004-13 Mineral Deposits as an Indicator of Tectonic Processes
Dr. Yasushi Watanabe
2004-14 PCIERD–DOST in the Minerals Industry: Forging R&D Partnerships with the Private Sector
Joselito C. Raguini, Graciano P. Yumul, Jr., D.Sc., Raul C. Sabularse



Mineral Reservations of the Philippines: Overlooked, Neglected Resources for Development
Ma. Malyn L. Tumonong and Claro Jose C. Manipon
2004-16 Geology and Mineralization of the Porphyry – High–Sulphidation Epithermal Cu–Au Deposit at Tampakan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Leonardo L. Subang, Alan G. Buenavista, Jethro M. Gonzales, George P. Moreno, Virgilio T. Baratang Jr., Melvin C. Sebua, and Novelwin A. Santos
2004-17 From Theory to Practice: Best Practices in Environmental Stewardship at Tampakan Copper–Gold Project
Jose C. Sebua and Alan G. Buenavista
2004-17 From Community Relations to Community Development: In pursuit of Sustainable Community Development at the Tampakan Project Area
Dr. Rolando S. Doria
2004-19 Biodiversity Resources in Mountains of Tampakan and Vicinities: Vital for Sustainable Ecosystem Management (no abstract - in ppt)
Meliza Joy A. Torres, Albert A. Piñon, Jan Paolo Pollisco, Neil James E. Duran, Joden M. Adiova Under Field Supervision of Nelson M. Pampolina Phd.
2004-20 Palaeohydrology of the Tampakan High–Sulphidation Epithermal Cu–Au Deposit, Mindanao, Philippines
Dr. Bruce D. Rohrlach, Dr. Robert R. Loucks and Dr. J. Michael Palin
2004-21 Geology of the Ungay Malobago Deposit, Rapu–rapu Island, Albay
Dr. Bruce Rohrlach
2004-22 Limestone Resource Assessment of Eastern Rizal Province: Inputs for Regional Development Planning
Lea Bron–Sikat, K.R. Sandoval, C.J.C. Manipon
2004-23 The Hydrometallurgical Processing Plant (HPP) of Coral Bay Nickel Corporation Barangay Rio Tuba, Bataraza, Palawan (no abstract / in ppt)
Arturo T. Manto
2004-24 The Use of Geosynthetics to Improve Geologic Materials in Construction
Dr. Arthur Saldivar–Sali, MSc, DIC, FGS, PhD
2004-25 A GIS–Based Integrated Approach for the Assessment of Volcanic Risk
Dr. F. Leone, T. Lesales, J.C. Gaillard
2004-26 A Landslide Risk Rating System for Greater Baguio, Philippines
Artessa Niccola D. Saldivar–Sali, BSCE, M.Eng.
2004-27 Comparative Analysis of Landslide Index vs. Heuristic Approach Methods in Landslide Modeling: A Case Study for Baguio City
Digna G. Evangelista, Federico C. Jacoba, Marie Iris P. Villanueva and Claro Jose C. Manipon
2004-28 Seismic Hazard Assessment of Metro Manila : A Foundation Engineering Analysis
Arthur Saldivar–Sali, MSc, DIC, FGS, PhD
2004-29 Geohazard Mapping of Panaon Island As Inputs for Disaster Management and Land Use Planning
Claro Jose C. Manipon, Salvio Laserna, Alvin Fernando, Digna Evangelista and Gilbert Bascos
2004-30 Photogeologic Documentation of Mass Wasting Hazard Zones, the Application of Geological Common Sense
Carlo D. Dayanghirang and Ricarte S. Javelosa Ph D
2004-31 December 2003 Hubas River Debris Flow Pintuyan, Panaon Island, Southern Leyte
Carlo D. Dayanghirang
2004-32 Benthic Foraminiferal Assemblages of Balayan Bay, Calaca, Batangas
Dr. Maybellyn A. Zepeda and Diana M. Lopez



Unique Mineral Assemblage of Fossil and Active Hydrothermal Systems in Northern Palawan : Signatures of a Mantle Magma Source?
Rogel A. Santos, Alvin Matos, Resty C. Gomez, Larry Panerio, Francia Olaguera, Brian Zoilo A.M. Esber
2004-34 The Role of Crustal Thickness in the Formation of Adakitic Rocks in an Island Arc Setting: Insights from the Philippines
Carla B. Dimalanta and Graciano P. Yumul, Jr.
2004-35 Depositional and Structural History of the Lagonoy Gulf Basin, Luzon, Philippines
Generoso P. Revilla
2004-36 Geologic Time Scale 2004
Rolando Peña
2004-37 Ecological Characterization of the Malampaya Sound
A Case Study on the Role of Geology in Biodiversity Conservation

Emmanuel S. Bate
2004-38 Nutrient Dispersion Patterns and their Applications to Environmental Geology
Dr. Rene Juna R. Claveria, Benica Joy D. Pasaporte, Karen Grace C. Ochavo, Kathleen Anne A. Cruz, Jenny Mae D. Perez


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