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Philippine Mineralization in Time, Space and Geology

Fernando G. Sajona, PhD


The Dinagat Ophiolite: Geology and Chromite Resources

Arnulfo B. Santiago MsC


Masara District Revisited

Fernando G. Sajona PhD


Geological Characterization of the Infanta Nickel Laterite Deposit, Brooke’s Point, Palawan

Rufo S. Cabanlig, Jr., Omar Teogenes A. Alfonso, Rikki Pamela L. Pineda, Marvin M. Ubaldo, Brenda C. Jumagit, Godfrey E. Atienza and Jane Kristine A. Teves


Thermal Maturation and Petroleum Potential of Source Rocks in Service Contract 63 East Sabina Block, Southwest Palawan Basin, Philippines

Charmaine B. Mapaye


Benham Rise - A Large Igneous Province Accreted to Luzon

Maria Luisa G. Tejada, Alfredo Mahar Francisco A. Lagmay, Mario A. Aurelio, Rolando E. Peña, Ray Wood and Bryan Davy


Arc Magmatism in the Northern Sierra Madre Range, Northeastern Luzon, Philippines: The Benham Rise Connection

Rolando E. Peña, Elmer B. Billedo and Charmaine B. Mapaye


Evidence from Bathymetry and Gravity Data of Accretion of Benham Rise to Eastern Luzon

John Milsom, Jenny Anne L. Baretto, Nancy R. Aguda and Dennis Bringas


Seabed Morphology, Structural Geology and Tectonics of the NE Bicol Saddle: Linking Benham Rise with Luzon

Mario A. Aurelio, Dennis Bringas, Herbert Catapang and Karlo L. Queaño


The Role of the Benham Rise in the Geodynamic Evolution of the Philippines

Alfredo Mahar Francisco A. Lagmay, Zvi Ben-Avraham and Amos Nur


Philippine Weather and Climate : Its Implications on the Minerals Industry

G. P. Yumul, Jr., N.T. Servando, N.A. Cruz, C.B. Dimalanta


Finite Element Modeling for Consolidation and Settlement of Lateritic Soil Subject to Heap Leach Pad Loading

Ma. Jhonnie Z. Villareal and Arnulfo B. Santiago


Sedimentary Provenance and Tectonic Setting of Northwestern Panay Clastic Rocks Deduced from Major and Trace Element Geochemistry

Jillian Aira S. Gabo, Carla B. Dimalanta, Karlo L. Queaño, Graciano P. Yumul, Edanjarlo J. Marquez, Lawrence R. Zamoras, Leo T. Armada, Mary Grace S. Asio-Montes and Akira Imai


Hyperalkaline Natural Analogue Potential in the Philippines: Implications for Nuclear Waste Disposal Studies

W. R. Alexander, Ian G. McKinley, Carlo A. Arcilla, Edmundo B. Vargas, M. Yamakawa, N. Fujii, K. Aoki, H. Kawamura and Y. Takahashi


Geonics: Utillization of Philippine Clay Minerals for Nanotechnology

Chelo S. Pascua, Margaret Louise L. Honrado and Carlo A. Arcilla


Preliminary Studies on the Development of Nano-Engineered Filtration Textiles

Katrina Carla S. delos Angeles and Blessie Basilia


The Geology of the Municipalities of Tuba and Itogon, Benguet Province Philippines

Jason Agdeppa, Melezra Amora, Eloisa Bulalacao, Zaymon Calucin, Anna Paola Beatrice Canto, Michelle dela Cruz, Mariefe de Guzman, Ricardo Escanlar III, Margueret Fajilago, Stephanie Anne Frogoso, Ranee Joshi, Loraine Pastoriza, Nick Vily Primaleon, Kristine Joy Taguibao, Justin Vidamo and Emmanuell Villaflor


The Buaki Porphyry Copper Prospect, Lapanto, Mankayan Mineral District, Central Cordillera : Insights from Field and Petrographic Studies

Jerali C. Rodrigo


Landslide Occurrence in Eastern Rodriguez, Rizal Province : A Geological Perspective

Carleen Joy Telles, Karlo L. Queaño, Alvin Fernando and Gina May Mercado


Deciphering the Origin of Coal and Manganese Deposits in Nagtipunan, Quirino Province, Luzon : Clues from Stratigraphic and Tectonic Studies

Carlo Angelo P. Pagulayan and Karlo L. Queaño


Automated Monitoring for Environmental Research Application

Carlos Primo C. David


Landslide Risk Management Using Sensors, Networks and Computing

Joel Joseph S. Marciano, Jr., Mark Albert H. Zarco, Sandra G. Catane, Marc Caesar R. Talampas, Ricarido M. Saturay, Jr., Rosanno JC B. de Dios, Jason L. Enriquez, Francis Gabriel B. Victorino, Earl Anthony V. Mendoza and Krestabelle M. Futalan


Analogue Modeling of the Philippine Fault Bend

Cielo F. Bastero and Alfredo Mahar Francisco A. Lagmay


Reprocessing of Selected 2-D Multi-Channel Seismic Reflection Data Collected from the Recent SO-197 Cruise in the South China Sea

Jennie Marie Caldito-Montano, Nicole Elise B. Pellejera, Jose Benigno Libao, Abigail Espallardo, John Mark T. Arcilla, D. Franke and A Ehrhardt


Late Miocene Calcareous Nannofossils from Danao Bohol (Visayan Basin)

Allan Gil S. Fernando, Adrian Raymund C. Fernandez, Yolanda Maac-Aguilar, Yukito Kurihara and Tomoki Kase


Response of Calcareous Nannofossils to Sedimentological and Paleoceanographic Variations in Core Sediments off Vietnam, South China Sea

Alyssa M. Peleo-Alampay, Deborah N. Tangunan and Rikki Pamela L. Pineda


Rock Slope Stability Analysis Based on 3D Terrestial Laser Scanning

Mark Anthony E. Pernito MsC


Hazard Analyses of Landslides Triggered by Intense Rainfall in
Albay Province, Philippines

Arlene Mae P. Tengonciang, Armelle Reca C. Remedio, Joel D. de Mesa and May Celine T. M. Vicente


Computational Geohydrology from Pores to Basins, from Continents to Coasts

Bayani M. Cardenas


Setting Risk-Based Soil Cleanup Goals at Petroleum-Contaminated Sites: Fractionated Approach and Current TPH Policies in US (no Abstract but with Powerpoint presentation)

Hun Seak Park


Results of PHIVOLCS’ 15-year Ground Deformation Studies along the Philippine Fault and other Active Crustal Structures using Global Positioning System (GPS)

Teresito C. Bacolcol and Renato U. Solidum, Jr.


Aseismic Movement of the Western Marikina Valley Fault

Yoshihiro Kinugasa, Tomonori Deguchi, Katsumi Kurita, Makoto Omura, Kathleen L. Papiona and Rolly E. Rimando


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