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TS-1 Plagioclase Peridotites in Southern Palawan Ophiolite: Evidence of Melt Impregnation in the Upper Mantle
F.A.C. Labis et al.
TS-2 Petrography and Geochemistry of Peridotites from Central Palawan, Philippines
J.A. Pasco, et al.
TS-3 Suspected Collision Between Palawan Continental Block and Central Luzon (Philippines)
S. Bufferal et al.
TS-4 Superposed Folding History of the Sequences of the Calamian Island Group, North Palawan Block, Philippines
A.L.C. Abila et al.
TS-5 Tectonic implications of the Philippine Rise Region’s Seafloor Morphology
J.A. Escudero et al.
TS-6 Provenance, Tectonic Setting and Geochronology of the Pandan and Malubog Formations, Cebu Island
S.P. Tarongoy et al.
TS-7 Paleomagnetism of the Cebu Island: Initial Results from the Cretaceous Cansi Volcanics and Pandan Formation
K.C. Punzalan et al.
TS-8 Influence of the Bogo Fault on the Emergent Karst Landscape of Northern Cebu
R.B.C. Mendoza et al.
TS-9 Updates on the Geology of Caramoan Peninsula and Adjacent Islands
J. C. D. Urquico-Zialcita et al.
TS-10 Anomalous Changes in the MT Impedances during February 2015 Seismic Swarm in Taal Volcano (Philippines)
P. K. B. Alanis et al.
TS-11 Microgravity Monitoring: Preliminary Observations in Taal and Mayon Volcano, Philippines
J.E. De Lima et al.
TS-12 Interseismic Velocities and GPS Motions Associated with 6 July 2017 M6.5 Philippine Fault (Leyte Segment) Earthquake
T. Bacolcol et al.
TS-13 System Test Development for 2015 PHIVOLCS Earthquake Catalog Quality and Accuracy Checking of Hypocenter Earthquake Source Parameters
D.N.R. Godilano et al.
TS-14 Microtremor Array Survey of the Long Period Ground Motion Levels in Metropolitan Cebu, Philippines
I.J.D. Jumahali et al.
TS-15 Seismic Site Classification Microzonation of Metro Cebu Based on Geology and Shear Wave Velocity
A.G. Olaes et al.
TS-16 Using the Horizontal-to-Vertical Spectral Ratio Method in Determining Ground Fundamental Periods in Metro Cebu
M.M.V. Angay et al.
TS-17 Coulomb Stress Transfer and Seismic Implications of 2012-2017 Central Philippine Earthquakes
B.J. Marfito et al.
TS-18 Seismic Characterization of the 2018 Mayon Volcano Eruption
L.A. Jumawan et al.
TS-19 Revisiting the Geologic History of the Early Cretaceous Alicia Schist in Southeastern Bohol: Implications from Geological and Structural Setting Baselines
J.M. Ausejo et al.


SPH-1 Delineation of the Drainage Basins in Lagonoy, Camarines Sur using GIS
A.E. Badiola et al.
SPH-2 Just How Polluted are the Sediments of Laguna de Bay?
B. A. L. Santillan et al.
SPH-3 Revisiting the Laguna Volcanic Field, Philippines: Insights from Morphologic Interpretation of Digital Terrain Models
P.N. Irapta et al.
SPH-4 Origin and Emplacement of Coastal Boulders in Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte: Insights and Preliminary Results
A.B.G. Ramirez
SPH-5 Tsunami Damage Estimation along the Coast of Laoag City Using Tsunami Fragility Functions
B. Rodriguez et al.
SPH-6 Application of Small Remotely Piloted Aircrafts on the Disaster Risk Reduction Activities of DOST-PHIVOLCS
D. J. L. Buhay et al.
SPH-7 Application of Remotely Piloted Aircrafts (RPAs) in Monitoring Recent Unrest at Mayon Volcano
C.D. Pogay et al.
SPH-8 A Qualitative Analysis of the Response of Individuals and Communities, and Evacuation Behaviors during the 2014 Mayon Volcano Eruption
M.L. Martinez-Villegas et al.
SPH-9 Geospatial Information, Systems and Technologies for Efficient Hazard and Risk Assessments
M.T. Cahulogan et al.
SPH-10 Standardization of Philippine Geospatial Data for the GeoRiskPH System: An assessment of Existing Exposure Data
M.A.P. Mahor et al.
SPH-11 Significance of Polygon-based Approach to Hazard Assessment of Schools and Health Facilities: Building an Accurate Critical Facilities Database
Y.P. M. Aquino et al.
SPH-12 A GIS-based Comparative Study Using ArcGIS and CARA-GIS Methodologies in Determining Exposure to Natural Hazards of Provinces and Road Networks in the Philippines
J.H.B. Tabuzo et al.
SPH-13 Web-based Landslide Warning System for Rizal Province using GSMap
A.S. Daag et al.
SPH-14 Deep-Seated Landslide Monitoring During the August 2018 Landslide Events in Northern Luzon
J.J.D.R. Sahagun et al.
SPH-15 Deep-Seated Ground Movements in the Dynaslope Sites in Northern Luzon Triggered by the August 2018 Habagat Rainfalls
A.C. Jacela et al.
SPH-16 Earthquake-Induced Landslide Hazard Modelling of Negros Island, Western Visayas, Philippines Using Newmark Sliding Block Analysis
K. M. Vitto et al.
SPH-17 Active Faults in Negros Island, Central Philippines and their Tectonic Implications
D.C.E. Llamas et al.
SPH-18 Offshore Active Faults Mapping in Surigao Strait, Philippines
B.J. Marfito et al.
SPH-19 Paleoseismic Evidence along the Leyte Segment of the Philippine Fault
J. S. Perez et al.
SPH-20 Living with Active Faults: Earthquake Risk Perception of Selected Households along the West Valley Fault and the Philippine Fault – Leyte Segment
C. V. Villamil and J. S. Perez


MER-1 Optimizing Drill Hole Grid Spacing in Nickel Laterite: A Geostatistical Approach
R. A. Santos et al.
MER-2 Petrographic and Geochemical Characteristics of the Host Rocks of the Different Copper Deposits in Samar and Leyte Islands
N.A. Pacle et al.
MER-3 Host Rock Petrography and Geochemistry of the Sangilo Epithermal Deposit, Baguio Mineral District Philippines
K.D. Jabagat et al.
MER-4 Scandium Enrichment in the Carrascal Nickel Laterite Deposit, Eastern Mindanao, Philippines
J.A.S. Gabo-Ratio et al.
MER-5 Ore-forming Processes of the Bagacay Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Deposit: Constraints from Ore Mineral Chemistry and Fluid Inclusion Studies
J.B. Demegillo et al.
MER-6 Magnetic and electrical signatures of the Suyoc deposit, Mankayan Mineral District (Philippines)
C.J.J. Arellano et al.
MER-7 Concrete Petrography for Quality Control of Construction Materials
C. A. Arcilla et al.
MER-8 Advances in Deep Seabed Mineral Exploration and Development in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction
M.A. Aurelio
MER-9 Geologic and Geotechnical Approach in Developing a Vertical Service Shaft
G.P. Gallardo and J.K. Fabian
MER-10 Drillplan








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