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The GeoCon 2019 provides a venue for participants to share and discuss their current researches and latest innovations from the various fields of the geosciences including energy and resources, geohazards and tectonics, among others. In addition to geoscientists, policy makers, media practitioners, undergraduate and graduate students, and other stakeholders will als participate in the two-day event.



Downloadable Presentations - Geocon 2019:

  1. Almazar, L.E.I. - Experimenting 2D Hotspot Analysis for Determining Topcuts for the Great Hamish Vein in Co-O Mine
  2. Arnoco, E.J. - Saltwater Intrusion Modelling of Affected Sedimentary Aquifers in Metro Manila
  4. Buen, I.M. - Exploring for groundwater in a parched section of the tropical island of Marinduque, Philippines
  5. Cahulogan, M.T. - Paving a new landscape in risk valuation (The GeoRisk Philippines Initiative)
  6. Cui, L. - Biogeography of freshwater fish as indicator of paelogeographic and tectonic divides
  7. De Lara, R. - A re-evaluation of the Cenozoic stratigraphy and paleontology
  8. Faustino-Eslava, D. - Modeling the impacts of predicted climate changes on landslide frequency in the Philippines
  9. Flores, A.A. - Unexploded Ordnance Detection in Marawi City, Lanao del Sur using GPR and Magnetometer
  10. Gavino, R.M.L. - Structural Controls in Sangilo Vein System
  11. Isip, M. - Adapting a proactive, quantitative, risk-based approach in mitigating landslide risk along PH roadways
  12. Kirwin, D. - Heap Leach Gold Mining
  13. Llanes, F.V. - Morphometric analysis and identification of debris flow susceptible alluvial fans in the Philippines after the Koppu and Melor typhoon events
  14. Marfito, B.J. - Satellite remote sensing as a tool for monitoring earthquake and volcano related ground deformation
  15. Olario, K.R. - Mid- to Deep-focus seismicity as extent implications of the Molucca Sea Microplate Subduction beneath the Celebes Sea Basin
  16. Perez, J.S. - Impacts of the 27 July 2019 Magnitudes 5.4, 5.9, and 5.8 Itbayat, Batanes Earthquakes
  17. Perez, J.S. - The October 2019 Cotabato Earthquake Sequence
  18. Quimora, P.N.L. - Seismic liquefaction assessment of unconsolidated soils using various field methods
  19. Ramos, E. - Shifts in tectonic stress around Metro Manila
  20. Reola, C. - Didipio Underground Q Block Model
  21. Rosell, G. - NW Palawan SC6A Seismic Attributes Philodrill
  22. Sangalang, K.J. - Tectonic history of the Camotes Group of Islands
  23. Santos, R.A. - Drill hole grid spacing analysis in nickel laterite exploration
  24. Saturay, R. - Rainfall-induced landslide prediction using machine learning
  25. Valdellon, K.S. - Sandakan Basin Revisited
  26. Veracruz, N.A. - The September 2018 Naga landslide - Analysis and lessons learned
  27. Zaballero, R.D. - Lahar Risk Mapping of Banahaw Volcano, SLuzon Using LaharZ


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