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CPD Matters - A reminder to Participants of the GEOCON 2018

Dear Fellow Geologists,


GEOCON 2018 is an accredited program. With this recent development, your attendance or participation will entitle you to the following credit units (CU):


Participant: - 1 CU per hour or 16 CU for full day attendance for 2 days
Speaker: - 4 CU per 20-miniute presentation
Moderator: - 3 CU per hour
Poster Presenter/s: - 2 CU for the first 3 authors and 1 CU for the rest
Workshop Facilitator: - 2 CU/hour


To assist you in earning the needed CUs, the Society will endorse the approval of your participation or attendance to the PRC CPD Council for Geology. This is the flow chart for the process:
1. GSP will issue the certificate of attendance and appreciation
2. Members must apply to have the CU approved by submitting a copy of the certificate and the program to the GSP CPD Committee
3. GSP CPD Committee will endorse the same to the PRC CPD Council for Geology
4. PRC CPD Council for Geology will approve application


Please note that the PRC will be monitoring the event including your attendance. Since the basis for CU is per hour, participants must sign the attendance sheet in the morning and afternoon on both days to get the maximum 16 CU.


You will also be requested to fill up a form evaluating the conference. This is a requirement of the PRC and will help the Society in hosting a conference that will further improve the competencies of its members.


This will be the first time the Society and the PRC will be doing this and we expect the “usual birthing pain”. Hence, your comments in the evaluation form will be very helpful when we prepare for next year’s GEOCON.
A help desk will be available to answer your queries.


Very Truly Yours,


The CPD Committee





GEOCON 2018 is this annual geological convention of geologists in the Philippines. Technical papers will be presented. Poster presentations exhibited in hallways. A gathering of geologists coming from various places, within the Philippines and around the world.





Geocon 2018 Organizing Committee