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Founding of GSP

John A. Wolfe




1981 issue Vol 35 No. 3 September

The war was over but the official documents had not been signed. Dr. Jose Feliciano, professor of Geology at U.P. had become a friend of Dr. G. Schenck professor of paleontology at Standford. Dr. Schenck had another hat, Colonel, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in command of Engineer Intelligence Division. This was a headquarters unit which moved to Manila from Tolosa, Leyte in March and April, 1945. There were about 20 geologists in the group.

Dr. Feliciano and Dr. Schenck decided to form the Geological Society of the Philippines. Dr. Schenck asked Sgt. Peter Graef, a draftsman in EID to prepare a scroll for Founders to sign, suggesting the classic outline of Mt. Mayon for the bottom of the scroll.

Dr. Feliciano and Dr. H. Otley Beyer tried to contact Filipino geologist, but in August 1945 communication were not restored and some of the geologists spent the war period far from Manila. Dr. Schenk was an inveterate organizer and coerced most of his unit, geologist or not to attend the founding dinner, held in Ermita. Signers of the initial scroll numbered 17 Filipinos and 37 foreigners, mostly Americans. The dinner was held on September 2, the actual date of signing the documents ending World War II.

The American military personnel scattered and gradually dropped out of the rolls of the Society. The latest list of members shows only three from the original group of foreigners Leo W. Stach, the late Edward Sampson and myself.

Filipino founders have also dwindled. Elpidio Vera has remained a staunch supporter of the Society. Fortunato Mamaclay has also retained his membership.

The roll of Charter members was held open for about a year to permit Filipinos unable to attend the founding meeting to join, but I do not have the list of these men.

G.S.P. started to issue The Philippine Geologist a small professional magazine in 1947. Its name was changed to journal of the Society in 1969.





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