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(Contributions to the Geology and Palaeontology
of Southeast Asia, CLIV)

Wataru Hashimoto, Eligio Ariate, Naoaki, Guillermo Balce,
Takeshi Ishibashi, Nobu Kitamura, Tatsuro Matsumoto,
Minoru Tamura. and Juichi Yanagida


** Excerpts from Cretaceous System of Southeast Asia by Hashimoto, et al.
(1975); Geology and Palaeontology of Southeast Asia, Vol. XV, pp. 219-287;
with permission to reprint from the University of Tokyo Press.





II . Philippines

II.1 General Remarks

According to the geologic map of the Philippines (Philippine Bureau of Mines, 1963), the Cretaceous sediments (K), the undifferentiated pre-Tertiary sediments (KPg), probably Cretaceous and Palaeocene, the Cretaceous igneous rocks (K) and the undifferentiated
igneous rocks (UV) are widely distributed in the archipelago. However, the Cretaceous fossil evidence has hitherto been reported from only a few places.

The superposing relation of the Cretaceous to the Jurassic is still not known, F. C. GERVASIO (1966b) once presumed the existence of the Nevadian Movement in the Philippines, but he withdraw the assumption and stated a new idea on the development of the geosyncline that took place from the Jurassic to the Cretaceous (GERVASIO, 1971). G. Balce (1973, MS.) is of nearly the same opinion.

Some long-ranged fossils, from the Jurassic to the Cretaceous, were found from southeastern Mindoro (T. KOBAYASHI, 1957; Y. OGURA, 1941) as floats of the Amaga and the Tagon Rivers. The Trigonian faunule from the Amaga River, though it contains Rutitorigonia, as cosmopolitan genus in the Cretaceous Period and Nipponirtigania, ranging from the Middle (?) Jurassic to the Middle Cretaceous in Japan, T. KOBAYASHI assigned the Tithonian for this faunule in consideration of other Jurassic Trigonians. Cyathocaulis ranges from the Upper Jurassic to the Upper Cretaceous in Japan and Korea. Cyathocaulis yabei OGURA was found from the Tagon River, Sumagui Bongabong.





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