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Geologist, Atlas Cons. Mining & Devt. Corp.
Don Andres Soriano, Toledo,Cebu






Systematic reconnaissance stream sediment survey was carried out in an area of about 70 square kms. in Zamboanga del Sur. Soil survey was done on two prospects with an aggregate area of about 14 square kms.

Ridge and spur sampling method was used in the Talawod copper-molybdenum prospect, a vein type deposit. The grid sampling pattern was applied in the Bula-bula area a porphyry-copper prospect. The type of mineralization in both areas is fairly manifested in their anomaly patterns.

Cold extractable copper determinations without standard were done in the field using the dithizone citrate method. Working solution of 0.001% dithizone is prepared from especially made capsules containing 10 mg. pure dithizone dissolved in 1000 ml. of benzene. Total copper and molybdenum were determined in Atlas-Cebu using the bioquinoline method for copper and the thiocyanate method for molybdenum.

Using statistical analysis, the range of the background values for the sediment survey is 5-14 ppm CxCu. For the Bula-bula soil survey the background for total copper is 50-400 ppm and for the total molybdenum it is assumed to range between 2-8 ppm. For the Talawod area the background values ranges from 50 to 500 ppm for total copper, while for the total molybdenum the range is also assumed at 6-11 ppm.




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