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The proposed arch dam is to be located within the limestone canyon of the Marikina river, about 60 m. downstream from the existing low, rubble-concrete, diversion dam of the National Waterworks and Sewerage Authority in Barrio Wawa, Montalban, province of Rizal, Philippines. The site is accessible from Manila thru the town of Marikina via 24 kms. of first class road up to Montalban, and then 5 kms. of all weather, gravel road to Barrio Wawa.

The dam will be about 170 m. high, has a crest length of 214 m., base arch thickness of 25 m. and arch thickness of 5 m. on top. Appurtenant structures are 2 ski-jump spillways, a diversion tunnel on the right bank, and an intake structure, power tunnel, penstocks for a high level and a low level powerhouse, and tail tunnel on the left bank.

Feasibility studies for the construction of a high dam were started by the National Power Corporation early in 1953. On September 29, 1953, under Administrative Order N0. 216 a committee was created to coordinate the planning for the multiple development of the Marikina river for electric power generation, flood control, irrigation and water supply. Membership in the Committee was amended by Administrative Order N0. 199 on May 24, 1956 and final - 16 by Administrative Order No.239 on April 12, 1957.

Construction of the project was authorized by Republic Act N0. 1298 which was approved on june 16, 1955. Under the act, three government entities, namely, the National Waterworks and Sewerage Authority (NWSA), the Bureau of Public Works (BPW) and the National Power Corporation (NPC) were given the responsibility of implementing the project and to determine the proper allocation of costs for the different phases of the work.




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