Petrography of Philippine Aggregates

Ma. Ines Rosana Balangue-Tarriela, Ph.D.

National Institute of Geological Sciences, College of Science



Aggregates are used in different kinds of construction.  One of the basictools to test the suitability of aggregates is petrographyAggregates  can affect the strength and durability of  the construction  in which they are used. One of the basic tools to test the  suitability of aggregates is petrography.  This paper presents results of a the a series of petrographic characterization of aggregates from various localities  around metropolitan Manila.  Several  rock samples from quarry sites in  the Bulacan, Antipolo  and San Mateo-Rodriguez were collected. 

Petrography showed that  aggregates from these areas vary from sedimentary to igneous rocks. Presence of  deleterious components which could influence the suitability  of the aggregates such as chert, chlorite, clay and carbonates are found in some samples.  Microstructures and cracks were also observed.    Another concern which should be considered is the heterogeneity in terms of rock types  from the outcrops. This gives lesser uncertainty with evaluation of the quality of the aggregate. 

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