Revegetation of Philex Mines Tailings Pond Through Natural Tailings Reconditioning

Justine Perry T. Domingo and Carlos Primo C. David

Environment Monitoring Laboratory, National Institute of Geological Sciences
University of the Philippines
Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines


Revegetation is one of the standard strategies for the rehabilitation of mined out areas and mine tailings stockpiles. However, physical and chemical constraints in mine tailings limit the growth of plants, particularly nutrient and organic matter deficiency. This research examined the improvement of soil fertility of mine tailings through the pioneer speciesCentrosemamolleCalopogoniummucunoides, and Sorghum spp. with the aid of organicamendments. Good survival rates and surface cover were observed for the three species, especially in manure- and compost-enhanced treatments. The nutrient levels and organic content of the material have undergone considerable improvement.Overall, the study have shown that initial ground cover of pioneer plants will pave the way towards further plant succession through nutrient reconditioning of tailings material. Through these plants, the barren tailings pond can possibly become a productive area for various agricultural purposes.

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