The Buaki Porphyry Copper Prospect, Lepanto, Mankayan Mineral District, Central Cordillera: Insights From Field and Petrographic Studies


Jerali C. Rodrigo

Mining, Geology and Ceramic Engineering
Adamson University, Manila




The Buaki area is one of the most important porphyry copper prospects in the Lepanto, Mankayan Mineral District in the Central Cordillera. Field investigation of this prospect indicates that the alteration zones grade from phyllic (sericitic), advanced argillic, to intermediate argillic, all occurring within the Imbanguila Dacite Porphyry (IDPO). The argillic alteration, however, is confined within the Imbanguila Dacite Pyroclastics that blankets the IDPO. The presence of these alteration mineral zones within the area suggests acidic-pH hydrothermal fluid compositions. The zonation patterns within the Buaki prospect do not typify those of the porphyry copper system: overprinting of the zoning patterns is noted. The pervasive alteration of the Lepanto Metavolcanics, the basement rock in the region, predates the hydrothermal alteration induced by the emplacement of the Buaki porphyry copper mineralization.

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