Thermal Maturation and Petroleum Potential of Source Rocks in Service Contract 63 East Sabina, Southwest Palawan Basin, Philippines


Charmaine B. Mapaye

PNOC – Exploration Corporation, Bldg. 1 Energy Center,
Merritt Road, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City 1634, Philippines




The Late Cretaceous to Paleogene sedimentary formations, represented by the Late Cretaceous Unit, the Eocene-Miocene Thrust Sequence, the Paleocene to Early Oligocene SynRift Section and the Late Oligocene to Early Miocene Nido Limestone, are believed to be prospective source rocks within the Southwest Palawan Basin. Initial source rock geochemical characterization and basin modeling results for Service Contract 63 East Sabina were derived from samples of five offshore wells: Aboabo A-1X, Santiago A-1X, Anepahan A-1X, Penascosa No. 1 and Buenavista 1. Rock-Eval data indicate that these units are primarily Type II / III oil-/gas-prone source rocks with similar low to average TOC. The maturity of these source beds ranges from immature to early mature as inferred from Ro% data. Average depth of maturity is about 9,000 feet. From the burial history study of these wells, the SynRift reached the onset of oil generation in Penascosa No. 1 during the Pleistocene, at the same time the Late Cretaceous Unit reached the peak oil generation window. The Thrust Sequence in the Aboabo A-1X and Albion Head-1 wells is in the main oil generation zone since the Pliocene.



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