The Application Of Fuzzy Logic In Exploring For A Geothermal Resource (Philippine Setting)


W. P.C. Pioquinto, L.F. Bayrante and N.D. Salonga

PNOC-Energy Development Corporation, Merritt Road, Ft. Bonifacio, Metro Manila 1201, Philippines




Fuzzy logic technique is applied in pre-evaluating the North Davao Geothermal Prospect in the Philippines. A decision support system is developed where sets of classes are collated and compared using the assigned fuzzy membership values. Specific grid points are evaluated using established knowledge-based criteria. Based on qualitative and subjective judgement, fuzzy membership values for each point are assigned to reflect its degree of membership. These values are then processed using a variety of operators like Fuzzy AND, Fuzzy OR, Fuzzy Algebraic SUM/PRODUCT, and Fuzzy Gamma operation). The outputs of these operators are the likely locations of prospective geothermal areas. The technique is applied to an area of about 476 km.2 within the North Davao Geothermal Prospect (NDGP) located in Compostela Valley province in southeastern Mindanao, Philippines. The case study delineated an arbitrary high potential area of about 50 km.2 where additional geoscientific studies are recommended. This area of interest includes the vicinities of Mt. Dasuran, Amacan-Gopod, NW to Teresa-Mainit, Lake Leonard, Paloc and further north to Kinasing-Tandic.



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