Structural Styles in the Tampakan Deposit from Fault Data Set Analysis, South Cotabato


Dr. Mario A. Aurelio1, P Alip2, E Pariņa2, W Domasig2, D Nihill2 and the SMI Exploration Team

1Professorial Lecturer, National Institute of Geological Sciences, University of the Philippines
2Sagittarius Mines Inc., General Santos City, South Cotabato


Extended Abstract


The Tampakan area in South Cotabato, Philippines provides an opportunity to study pre- and post-mineralization structural styles of a world class ore deposit. The Tampakan orebody, a copper porphyry mineralization believed to straddle the southwest flank of an eroded stratovolcano, is caught between horsetail branches of the left-lateral Cotabato Fault Zone. Tensor solutions calculated from fault data sets gathered in and around the deposit indicate rotating stress orientations as a function of space and time. This study reveals information critical in the understanding of spatial and temporal relationships between mineral concentrations and geologic structures. It further provides clues in explaining anomalous fault orientations that seemingly defy classical wrench fault tectonic principles.


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