The Occurrence and Distribution of Gold in the Sto. Tomas II Cu-Au Porphyry Deposit


Redempta P. Baluda1, Jocelyn B. Galapon2 & Sonia B. Eguia3

1 Division Manager, 2 Department Manager, 3 Petrographer
Philex Mining Corporation




The Sto. Tomas II Ore Body of Philex Mining Corporation is a copper-gold porphyry deposit where the average Cu:Au content ratio is 1:2.5. The gold is mainly associated with the copper sulfides with higher affinity to bornite than chalcopyrite. It occurs in native form, very pure, 90% to 97% Au by weight with silver making up only 1% to 3%. The gold also contains traces of palladium and platinum.


This paper aims to present the occurrence and distribution of gold in the Sto. Tomas II deposit. It also aims to discuss the occurrence of platinum-group minerals (PGM).



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