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The Geological Society of the Philippines (GSP) is the only accredited professional organization (APO) of geologists in the Philippines by the Professional Regulation Commission.


The objectives of the Society are:



Geocon 2017

Geocon 2017 will be held at Dusit Thani Hotel Makati City on December 13-14, 2017. For details, click here.

Geosea 2020

This regional conference aims to exchange scientific, technical information and to advance geoscience in multidisciplinary fields including oil, gas, mining industries as well as other related fields in the Southeast Asian region. The Philippines will be the host in 2020, the first since 1995. For more details ... click here.


President's Corner

It is now a reality that geology is clearly related to government governance and economic policy, in light of the recent events in the resources industry. One point particularly prevalent is resource development and its effects on the environment.

Atty. Fernando S. Penarroyo

2017 GSP President



Unfortunately in many sectors of our society access to scientific information is minimal or even non-existent. Scientific inquiry has been replaced by sleek media campaigns pandering to emotions and fear.  Science has been set aside to give way to sensationalism and alternative facts.

By gaining a greater understanding of the geologic processes and the risks and potential rewards involved with resources development, the people in government can make educated decisions in good governance.  At the same time the general public can also truly understand the pressing issues based on the knowledge we in the geology profession can impart. 

Fairness and justice must apply to all, including the industry where our profession revolves. The resources industry must depend to a large extent on scientific facts and evidence based on extensive data gathering, processing and interpretation. Science must be a used as an instrument in determining whether due process has been exercised.  Science must be used in upholding the sanctity of contracts. And the geology profession can and must have a big role in a nation’s existence. I place this responsibility to all our fellow geologists to do our share to educate our people and our government leaders!